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article image Long life cam clutches.

TSUBAKI’S BS Series Cam Clutches are reliable and tough. The product’s precision formed cams have a unique design contour that prevents "roller over", which assures superior durability against heavy shock load in back stopping.

Features include:

* Long life

* No partial wear is expected, since cams and rollers move along the races during operation and possibly work at any position of the races to hold back stopping loads

* Specially selected steels and alloys are properly heat treated, which assure long wear resistance and offer long life performance

* Easier maintenance

* Maintenance on sizes BS65 thru to BS135 is not required due to specially formulated grease

* Maintenance on sizes BS160 thru to BS350 is only minimal with periodical greasing required

* Instantaneous back stop

* Cams are always in contact with the races and instantaneously hold reverse torque without backlash.

Indexing, overrunning and back stopping are common in today's automated production processes. Tsubaki’s Cam Clutch performs all of these functions with high precision.

Tsubaki covers all requirements for new or replacement with their world leading range of European, US and Japanese models.

Applications include:

* Conveyor backstops

* Industrial fans

* Pumps

* Packaging machines

* Printing machines.

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