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High quality hygiene products supplied by True Blue Chemicals

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True Blue Chemicals  supplies a vast range of cleaning chemicals, soaps, paper and janitorial products and dispensing systems. True Blue Chemicals high quality huhiene products can be used in healthcare, hospitality, laundry, heavy industrial, floorcare and contract cleaning industries. Some of the hygiene products which can be used in industries include Break Powder, Chemloo, Driveway Cleaner, Insect Spray, Maskall, Touch Up, Electra, Osolve, Soluble Degreaser, Work Soap and many more.

The Break Powder supplied by True Blue Chemicals can be used for heavy duty applications and helps to remove oil, grease, blood and protein stains. The Insect Spray supplied by True Blue Chemicals provides excellent residual effect which helps to control flies and insects in clubs, hotels, motels, industrial and commercial premises.

True Blue Chemicals also supplies Soluble Degreaser. Soluble Degreaser is a high performance emulsifying solvent degreaser which helps to remove grease, grime, oil, tar, road dirt from all types of metals. The Maskall provided by True Blue Chemicals is a germicidal deodoriser which can be used for industrial applications and helps to control sewerage, sullage, drainage and waste disposal odours.

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