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Fleet tracking and GPS tracking services provided by Tracknology

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Tracknology  is a provider of various telematic services. Some of the telematic services provided by Tracknology include GPS tracking services, fleet tracking, monitoring services, goods tracking services, road carriers and so on. Tracknology’s GPS tracking services for vehicles offer a turnkey solution for companies, agencies and individuals.

With the help of Tracknology’s GPS tracking system, driver’s behaviour can be monitored and reported in real time or as a comparative report against all drivers. Access to data can be as easy as accessing the web with the appropriate login and password authorization and also alert services inform the appropriate personnel or persons of inappropriate activity.

Most GPS tracking devices which are based on standardised hardware and software offer simple GPS solutions but Trucknology offers enhanced GPS services and ensures only relevant information to the clients.

GPS tracking technology is based on latitude, longitude and GPS time and by utilising all the information, Trucknology systems offer a wide range of enhanced GPS tracking services. Some of the enhanced GPS services offered by Tracknology include live GPS location and historical information, web based reporting and viewing, vehicle identification (GPS) in real-time, identification of driver’s using intelligent driver ID keys, identification of driver’s behaviour in the vehicles and so on.

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