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Videojet inkjet printer for United Panel

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article image Gus Safranko of United Panels says there is no ink build up and no ink drying in the Videojet inkjet printer.

TRONICS recently installed a new Videojet 43s Inkjet printer at the United Panel factory at Elizabeth in South Australia.

It is the first coding and marking machine the company has used that can print graphics and logos clearly in small letter size, according to United Panel’s Gus Safranko.

United Panel is a specialist manufacturer of a range of thermal insulation panels used for the construction and insulation of cool rooms.

Polystyrene like material is sandwiched between Colorbond (a thin sheet of steel finished with a baked enamel) to produce the panels.

The company supplies the Australian market from its expanding factory, specialising in small runs and different sizes.

The varying sizes of the panels and the different grades of core material (for different thermal qualities or fire ratings) require each panel to be marked with the company's logotype and product code on the male tongue of the sealing joint.

The relatively small width of the tongue and the critical need to clearly differentiate one similar looking panel from another requires small yet absolutely clear characters.

Gus Safranko was impressed with the ability of Tronics’ Videojet 43s Inkjet printer to create logos and graphics on board – no computer is needed on the factory floor - and then print clear, small characters with relatively low ink consumption.

Presentation of United Panel’s products has improved greatly according to Gus.

While the Videojet 43s at United Panel is operating as a stand-alone unit, the company has the option of connecting the 43s to a remote computer and have all the messages, including logs and unique message parameters, sent to the machine automatically. This can be done via the 43s serial interface, which is a standard feature.

Gus also said that the Videojet unit is performing better than their previous printer.

United Panel keeps the Videojet 43s running on and off all day - the ink recirculates continuously, printing when necessary and never dries out - and they are using less ink than previously, which has reduced their cost per code.

The previous machine caused a great deal of down time due to ink drying in the machine all the time. It allowed a build up of ink around the head and they were forever cleaning it.

The old printer worked on the principle of squirting ink through individual jets whereas the Videojet nozzle produced a continuous stream of ink. Now, they have no build up, no ink drying in the machine - more uptime for the company to concentrate on producing panels.

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