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Videojet 2120 Large Character Inkjet Printers from Tronics

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article image Videojet 2120 Inkjet Printer for Case Coding

Tronics Pty Ltd  presents the Videojet 2120, a range of user-friendly inkjet printers designed to apply single or twin-line alphanumeric codes to a variety of products or packages.  

The Videojet 2120 inkjet printers are available with a choice of printheads and inks for printing on a wide range of porous and nonporous materials.  

Videojet 2120 inkjet printers are easy to set up with guided installation from the automated setup wizard, reducing setup/startup time.  

The printer setup can be cloned and transferred to another printer using a USB storage device.  

Multiple printhead and ink options provide application flexibility 

  • Controls two printheads for opposite side case coding
  • Offers multiple printer control from one screen for more complex, multi-line coding
  • 700 series printhead is ideal for printing on porous surfaces such as corrugated cardboard cartons and trays, paper bags and sacks, timber, gypsum board or paper reels
  • 800 series printhead is ideal for printing on nonporous surfaces such as plastic bags and sacks, plastic containers and shrink-wrap, coated corrugated cardboard, foils, metals or piping

Easy operation helps reduce coding errors 

  • Pre-programmed jobs are ready for use or can be customised with minimal effort
  • Message Management templates limit operator’s choices to predefined values, greatly reducing coding errors
  • Jobs can be transferred to additional printers using common USB storage devices

Advanced Message Management features 

  • Messages can be created remotely on a PC using the optional CLARiSOFT software
  • Remote Database Mode enables an operator to download messages from a centralised database or ERP system

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