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Tronics offer Videojet 3320 high speed laser marker

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The Videojet 3320 high speed laser marker, available from Tronics , offers high-quality, consistent, crisp marking through advanced high-speed technology. At high line speed, the Videojet 3320 laser marker can bring more information on a product.

The Videojet 3320 laser marker has been designed to integrate with all types of production lines in industries such as packaging, automotive and plastic extrusion and has a compact marking unit with simple and effective controls.

Tronics Videojet 3320 high speed laser marker marks a range of products including packages, such as labels, glass and plastic containers, tubes and cardboards, electronic housings, sensors, connectors, extruded rubber sealings, profiles and tubes. The products are marked with information such as expiry date, batch code, 2D-matrix and bar code, manufacturer name and logos, and symbols.

The Videojet 3320 laser marker has been designed for a long reliable life with minimum running costs and maintenance-free operation. The laser tube life is prolonged by an optimised air cooling system, and there are no consumable costs such as inks, compressed air or solvents.

The speed of the Videojet 3320 laser marker enables it to mark at 1300 characters/s, or accurately mark products moving at speeds up to 15 m/s. These laser markers can be operated directly at the system using a simple hand-held controller, or on-line through an external device such as a PLC, PC or a host computer through a range of network and control protocols, including USB, Ethernet and RS232/422.

The intuitive Windows-based software, Smart Graph, has powerful software features for easy and rapid marking job generation and multiple, password protected security levels.

The Videojet 3320 laser marker from Tronics is capable of marking/ coding serial numbers, dates, times, machine-readable ID-matrix and bar codes, logos, symbols and graphics. These laser markers accept common data formats to enable the use of standard CAD and graphics programmes, and facilitate secure marking to combat fraud.

The laser marking unit is compact and comes with an optional laser beam output at 0° (‘straight out’) or 90°. The marking head can be detached from the laser unit and positioned, through a broad spectrum of beam delivery options into marking zones including crowded and tight spaces. A pilot laser option facilitates and accelerates alignment, in case of change over to a new product.

The laser marker unit and the compact supply unit are housed in stainless steel to IP54. The housings are robust, air-cooled and easy to clean. The Videojet 3320 laser marker features the IP65 protection to withstand the harsh environments. Wash-down procedures for these laser markers are also available.

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