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Serac’s RP2 tank-less filling machine available from Tronics

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The Serac filling machines, available from Tronics , is a new generation of filling and capping machinery.

Cleaning weight filling machines and treating effluents represent a non-negligible expense.

Treatment expenses (water, detergents, etc) are added to the cost of machine down-time.

These unproductive and environmentally-unfriendly procedures are issues focused on by fillers, open to any suggestions that will reduce the impact of these negative factors.

One solution consists of getting rid of the product tank, thereby reducing cleaning time and costs.

Getting rid of the product tank introduces other serious problems, which include the following:

  • The main function of this tank is to regulate pressure of the product filled and to ensure filling accuracy regardless of its viscosity
  • Not incorporating a product tank consequently means running the risk of having incorrectly filled containers and limiting machine use to only one product type of a given viscosity
  • It is easily understood that this choice is therefore contrary to the filling machine flexibility option required by all fillers
  • To date, fillers therefore had to choose between a machine with a product tank able to adapt to a wide range of products but with high cleaning costs, or a machine without a product tank with filling capabilities limited to a specific range of viscosities but with lower cleaning costs

With RP2, Serac’s new, tank-less filling machine, this compromise is no longer necessary. Serac’s RP2, available from Tronics, is a tank-less filling machine designed for use with all types of products.

The RP2 tank-less filling machine is able to handle products ranging in viscosity from 10 to 700cpo and its operating principle is simple.

Serac has installed a new patented pressure regulation system between the product tank and the filling machine. This technology makes it possible to eliminate the product tank while retaining all the virtues of weight filling and reducing water consumption during cleaning.

This process combined with the Multiflow filling nozzle, which won the 2003 Packaging Oscar, is able to fill a wide range of products with the same machine.

Up to 70% less water and effluents
The product circuit is short; the voluminous product tank is gone, cleaning takes place in a closed loop circuit. Where once 250 litres of water were necessary, now only 80 litres are used to clean, rinse and change products.

The filler reduces time, products, water and effluents. The RP2 tank-less filling machine shows its high-performance in the areas of production, adaptability, low running cost and environmental friendliness.


Reduce down time:

  • Quick cleaning: reduce from 30 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Quick change over: existing plug-on system
  • Reliable machine (line) with low maintenance

Reduce costs:

  • Reduce utilities (water, chemicals, electricity)
  • Reduce waste of product
  • Reduce number of operators

Multi-flow nozzles:

  • 1 nozzle, all products
  • No change parts, no operators intervention
  • High accuracy, no give away quantity

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