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Serac’s Multiflow filling nozzle available from Tronics

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article image Serac’s Multiflow filling nozzle

Tronics  offer Serac’s Multiflow filling nozzle, developed to reduce foaming problems encountered during the filling of beverages and especially milk when filling aseptically or in ultra-clean conditions.

Serac Multiflow has been recognised and received an Oscar award at the Emballage 2004 exhibition in the mechanisation category production.

The 3-in-1 innovation of Multiflow represents the automatic calculation of the optimal dosage, the intelligent filling nozzles and the automatic adjustment of filling nozzles.

The automatic calculation of the optimal dosage is achieved due to an algorithm conceived to obtain the ideal cycle for a chosen product - simply by entering 4 parameters such as the product viscosity.

The Multiflow filling nozzle is monitored by an electronic board, which defines the optimal filling cycle. This cycle is represented by a complex curve, instead of a linear.

The automatic adjustment of nozzles is computerised. The operator selects the product on the touch screen and all nozzles will be automatically adjusted to suit the ideal filling cycle.

Human intervention is no longer required, which is a benefit especially in the Aseptic and Ultra-Clean packaging industry.

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