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New Videojet 1510 Inkjet Coder from Tronics Installed for Major Australian Brewer

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article image New Videojet 1510 Inkjet Coder at Fosters

Fosters recently installed a new Videojet 1510 inkjet coding system from Tronics as part of an initiative to upgrade some of their older inkjet coders.

Fosters sought an advanced inkjet coder for installation at their Abbotsford plant with performance requirements such as greater efficiency, easier replacement of ink cartridges and lower operating costs.

The system would be used for printing information on shrink-wrapped cluster packs.

Tronics’ new Videojet 1510 inkjet coding system was installed in July 2009 after comprehensive evaluation.  

Low maintenance, very low downtime and high reliability are some of the advantages of the new inkjet coder, according to Russell Fisher, Reliability Assurance Team Leader at the company’s Abbotsford Brewery in Melbourne.

Ease of changing ink cartridges with no risk of mess or mistake is a key advantage since even a person not entirely familiar with the system can do cartridge changeovers.

The smart cartridge fluid delivery system eliminates spillage and no gloves are required for changing the cartridge. Additionally, the unit won’t accept incompatible inks.

Key benefits experienced at the Fosters plant include: 

  • Print head calibrates and cleans itself, helping to achieve long runs with no interventions in between changes in code detail
  • Videojet 1000 line series are designed to go longer between planned maintenance, offering up to 18 months of continuous operation between planned maintenance events
  • Machine automatically alerts the operator when a new core is needed; core can be changed in just 30 minutes
  • Spill-free, mistake-free cartridge changeover

Videojet 1510 specifications: 

  • Up to 5 lines of print
  • Speed: 278 mpm
  • 3m umbilical, optional 6m
  • 100-message storage

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