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New Tronics labeller helps Adelaide manufacturer increase production line efficiencies

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article image Tronics’ Series 3 Zero Downtime labeller can achieve speeds of up to 14,000 packs per hour
Labelling equipment from Tronics Pty Ltd is helping an Adelaide-based manufacturer of dips keep up with the increased pace of production.

Beginning its operations in the home kitchen of Michael Demetriou, Copperpot has successfully expanded over the years with the acquisition of a series of production facilities for the manufacture of pates and dips.

Copperpot is today, one of the biggest sellers of dips in the Australian market, with its products being sold through a network of retail shops as well as the big supermarkets. Constant innovation at Copperpot not only meant a flow of new dips, new flavours and new consistencies, but also better production line efficiencies.

According to Grant Klingberg, Copperpot’s Manufacturing Manager based at the main production facility, the company identified Tronics labelling equipment as highly suitable for their operation and began with one of their Series 2 models.

However, the ongoing increases in production led to a requirement for faster labellers with the ability to achieve speeds of up to 14,000 packs per hour.

Copperpot decided to move up to a later model in the Tronics range, to the Series 3 Zero Downtime labellers, so called because there was literally zero time lost on the line when changing over from one label roll to the next.

Following the upgrade, Copperpot has been able to achieve several other efficiencies which, in themselves, help with the vital concept of ‘speed to market’. Thanks to the speed of the new labeller, there is no need to divert packs as they come off the filling line, production scheduling is more efficient and raw materials inventory is reduced.

Overall, the new labelling system allows products to get to the market even more quickly, an important factor given the number of short life products.

Additionally, since the Tronics labeller is built locally, it is customised to meet Copperpot’s specific needs.

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