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New Labellers from Tronics Help with Speed to Market

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article image New Labellers from Tronics Help with Speed to Market

Tronics  is a specialist supplier of a wide range of printing, labelling and barcoding equipment for commercial environments.  

Labelling equipment from Tronics has helped an Adelaide-based food business to get their products into the market faster.  

Copperpot manufactures a range of pates and dips for supply to retail shops and supermarkets. The home-grown business has developed enormously since its modest beginnings 20 years ago in the home kitchen of Michael Demetriou.  

What has been all the more remarkable about this growth is that expansion has taken place in a very competitive marketplace.  

“The expansion was achieved on three key points,” says Grant Klingberg, Copperpot’s Manufacturing Manager.  

“Pride in everything and a strong passion was a start point. This was followed by innovation – new recipes – coupled with a total commitment to the concept of speed to market with new recipes and new ideas,” he added.  

Today, Copperpot is the biggest seller of dips in the Australian market with its products being sold through a network of retail shops as well as big supermarkets. Constant innovation at Copperpot not only meant a flow of new dips, new flavours and new consistencies but also better production line efficiencies.  

The company identified Tronics’ labelling equipment as a superior solution since they were already using their Series 2 models.  

But with production going up, they needed faster labelling at speeds of 30 metres per minute, which translated into 12,000 packs per hour going up to 14,000 packs per hour.  

Copperpot transitioned to a later model in the Tronics range of labellers, Series 3 Zero Downtime that was designed to change over from one label roll to another without losing any time.  

The new Tronics labeller was installed and made operational within two days.  

For Copperpot, this has led to a number of other efficiencies which, in themselves help with the vital concept of speed to market.  

Some of the benefits derived by Copperpot include:

  • No necessity to divert packs as they come off the filling line
  • Production scheduling is more efficient
  • Raw materials inventory is reduced
  • Gets products, especially short-life ones to the market even more quickly
  • Locally built labelling systems enable customisation of features to specific needs

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