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Mini Unison modular flex guide rail adjustment system from Tronics

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The Mini Unison is a miniature version of the Unison modular flex guide rail adjustment system with the same benefits.

Engineered specifically for smaller containers conveyed on narrow width conveyors and small radius corners, the Mini Unison features a smaller footprint and stroke range to provide greater flexibility and control of lighter weight and smaller containers.

The Mini Unison retrofits to new or existing conveyors in any line configuration, adjusting straight sections, curves or tight radius corners from one location.

The Mini Unison adjustable guide rail system offers an additional benefit when applied to conveying caps. Unison Cap Track is available in 3-axis or 6-axis configurations to suit specific cap shape, application and control requirements.

While the 3-axis system accomplishes precise adjustment along top, horizontal and vertical axis, adjusting in and out and up and down for symmetrical caps, the 6-axis works off the same principles of the 3-axis, providing greater cap control and changeover ease for the more challenging non-symmetrical cap profiles.

Tronics Pty Ltd  is the Australian distributor for Septimatech’s Unison adjustable guide rail system.

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