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Marsh has new large character inkjet printer

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Videojet Technologies has released the Marsh 320 large character ink jet printer which uses ‘revolutionary’ micro-valve technology to deliver simple solutions for outer-case coding and other medium to large character applications.

Features include precision drop placement to deliver superior print quality up to 40dpi; graphical user interface and touch screen to ensure ease of use; reliability and low ink consumption to minimise cost of ownership; and a print speed of 61m a minute at 40dpi

A spokesman Australian distributor Tronics said the print heads for the Marsh 320 printer were based on innovative micro-valve technology and could deliver quality print up to 24 mm in height.

“This technology also enables the system to print two lines of seven dot high characters. The print heads are able to operate with a greater throw distance (15 to 20mm), allowing them to print onto uneven surfaces such as plastic and paper sacks, and curved surfaces such as plastic and metal drums.

“Marsh 320 print heads deliver superior print performance, with higher print resolution and higher print speeds,” the spokesman said.

Each Marsh 320 controller was designed to run up to a total of four print heads and had the ability to run two independent production lines at the same time.

Printer control was enabled via a colour touch screen graphical user interface. This made operation easy and enabled languages and character sets to be changed simply and without lengthy software reconfigurations. The controllers were housed in IP-42 rated stainless steel enclosures, and had Ethernet connection to enable communication with print stations and other networked devices up to 100m away.

“Because the print heads in the Marsh 320 build messages with a large number of small dots instead of the smaller numbers of large dots of competitive models, fluid consumption can be significantly reduced. Precision manufacturing of the print heads results in more consistent performance and greater reliability in operation.

“The print heads are designed to run with many types of fluids, providing customers maximum flexibility with substrates and drying times. Currently, the Marsh 320 printer is available with both fast-dry MEK-based black, blue and red inks and water-based black inks,” he said. Tronics (03 9464 2400).

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