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Labelling, inkjet, product marking and decoration by Tronics

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article image Tronics national marketing manager Scott Foreman.

NEW machine releases, an emphasis on improvements in performance and delivering a better bottom line for customers, is the approach which is positioning Tronics as a 'preferred supplier' in the marking, coding and labeling equipment sector.

According to Tronics national marketing manager Scott Foreman, the company is achieving this position by developing modular systems for customers ... systems designed not to become redundant as a result of a need to increase throughput.

"It is an approach that is especially relevant to businesses going through an expansion phase,” he said.

“But, in addition, there has also been a special focus on reducing, even eliminating downtime with as many machines as possible.

"Although some other manufacturers of similar machines offer a design concept that may fit under the umbrella of minimal downtime, Tronics believes it is the only designer and manufacturer of a labelling machines that can be guaranteed not to miss a bottle while switching over from one roll of labels to the next.

"This claim means that the elimination of downtime with their latest labeller is certain and there is no stopping of the production line,” he added.

“On a high speed line that could equate to the saving of an estimated one to one and a half hours in a twenty four hour working period, when compared with some other machines that have been in the field," he added.

An example is Tronics' model Series 3 Zero Downtime labeller which has introduced a new standard in the elimination of downtime in the application of pressure sensitive labels in high speed bottling operations.

The multiple head labelling design enables the non-stop application of labels. There is literally no stopping of the line when a new roll of self adhesive labels is loaded into the machine.

Tronics recently introduced a new scribing YAG laser, made in Germany by Alltec, a subsidiary of Videojet of the U.S. which has attracted a good deal of interest.

Its typical applications include identification plates, compliance plates, in fact when any permanent mark is required. It engraves metal or glass surfaces at production line speeds. It can scribe a wide range of letters and numbers as well as logos and real time information.

With no consumables, very fast operating speeds and minimal energy consumption, the Alltec scriber is an extremely economical machine.

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