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article image The outcome, after much evaluation, was that a Videojet model 43s small character inkjet printer was best for applying batch number detail to containers, said Rudi Inovero, pictured above, of Arturo Taverna of Adelaide

RUDI Inovero, Production Manager at Artav Australia, says that batch labels, fixed to the underside of retail packs of hair care products of varying sizes, was the specific issue which triggered the move to upgrade labelling machinery at his company.

His staff were using a hand held labelling gun, a slow and labour intensive process, taking up about half a person's time. Now, he says he has almost eliminated this labour cost with the new Videojet Ink Jet printer from Tronics .

When Artav set out to automate the line, it decided it was best to use the services of a consultant to guide it in the selection of equipment. Inovero turned to Mark Urry, an Adelaide based person specialising in consulting and engineering to the printing and packaging industries.

Mark recommended Tronics as the best supplier with their Videojet model 43s, small character Ink Jet Printer.

Mark explained that the Videojet 43s is an ink jet printer that can print up to three lines of text. Message information can be entered directly via the machine's keyboard, or recalled from the printer memory - simplicity and ease of use being key features of the Videojet 43s,

He liked the level of flexibility offered by the Videojet 43s and the fact that it can print letter heights ranging from 2 mm. up to 10 mm. It was also recognised that the 43s requires minimal attention by operators and maintenance staff - a key advantage being the automatic print head flushing during start up and shut down.

The Videojet 43s can be used for all of Artav's containers from 5 litres down to 100ml

Artav's production line also requires equipment that can economically handle small runs from as low as 200 containers.

It is pleased with the Videojet’s faultless ability to print batch code detail on uneven surfaces. Mark states that on difficult surfaces on the underside of the bottle, the letters and numbers are always clear.

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