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Accurate and efficient steel cutting

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article image Incorporates automatic work clamps.

TRITON Manufacturing has released the Triton Steel Cutter, designed to ensure safe, high-quality results every time.

The design incorporates Tungsten Carbide Tip (TCT) blade technology to slice - rather than grind - through steel sections up to 50.8mm or 2 inches.

Triton product manager Wayne Doyle said the Triton Steel Cutter was a "trailblazer" of powered saw technology.

"The Triton Steel Cutter is one of the safest high-speed steel cutting tools available on the market," he said.

"The blade is fully enclosed before, during and after operation, giving the user enhanced protection from hazardous airborne materials, while safety interlocks prevent the saw from cutting, should the workpiece not be correctly secured.

"An important feature is that the user is never exposed to the blade during operation, which is a first for this type of saw.

"In addition, because the saw uses a TCT blade, there is no messy abrasive dust. The workplace is cleaner, and metal swarf is automatically collected into a drawer for easy disposal."

Mr Doyle said automatic work clamps were also incorporated into the design.

"Once adjusted to suit your material, the work clamps operate automatically for fast, repetitive cutting," he said. "The result is improved efficiency, which increases the speed of cutting.

"The durable TCT blade slices cleanly through the workpiece, which results in a superior cut with virtually no burr.

"The low friction of the cutting operation keeps the steel cool to touch, which is another safety feature."

Mr Doyle said the TCT blade did not wear down like conventional discs, which meant it retained its full cutting capacity.

"The Triton blade will long outlast many abrasive discs, making it an economical choice," he said.

"Ergonomic considerations have also been taken into account. Users can attach steel legs and outboard work supports with length stops and clamps, which can be tailored to ensure cutting is conducted safely and comfortably.”

The Triton Steel Cutter and replacement blades are available from power tool specialists and leading hardware stores nationally.

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