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Range of strapping machines supplied by Trio Packaging Systems

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Trio Packaging Systems  is a supplier of range of strapping machines which include bundle strapping, handtoole and pallet strapping. Under bundle strapping, Trio Packaging Systems provides various machines which include TP-201YM Wash Down Machine, TP-601YM Wash Down Machine, TP-701 ATLANTIS, TP0701CC corrugated strapper and so on.

The TP-201YM Wash Down Machine supplied by Trio Packaging Systems is a semi-auto side-seal strapping machine which offers reliability and high performance, requires low maintenance and can be suitable for low volume applications. Some of the technical data of TP-201YM Wash Down Machine include strap width of 6 mm to 15.5 mm, strap tension from 15 kg to 45 kg, weight - 126 kg and so on.

The TP-701CC corrugated strapper machine provided by Trio Packaging Systems is mainly designed for corrugated industry and some of its main features include single phase PLC control system, accept 5mm, 6mm and 9mm P. P. straps, fully automatic operation with variable conveyor speed, full-width pneumatic press, single, double, triple or transit strapping modes, knurled roller-driven table top, adjustable table height and so on.

TP-701CC are provided with various optional features which include light tree alarm (dual lamp), operator friendly low strap sensor (triple lamp) and automatic tension control for various dimension of bundles.

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