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VisionLink construction software from Trimble integrates sitewide operations

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Trimble Australia has announced the introduction of a new version of its web-based construction application, VisionLink software powered by Trimble.  

The new VisionLink software version 2.3 offers integrated asset management and 3D project monitoring tools to track the location of the asset and its production output.  

Going beyond traditional telematics applications by integrating asset and fleet management services with new 3D Project Monitoring functionality and production output tools, the new construction software version combines earthmoving, grading, finishing, compaction and asset and fleet management operations into one easy-to-use application.  

Through continuous monitoring and recording of machine blade or bucket position, along with other machine control information, VisionLink creates a production model showing progress over time using the Project Monitoring functionality.  

The model ensures that the entire earthmoving operation is tracked and recorded including over-excavation and backfill, or overfill/surcharge, and cutback operations, which can easily be overlooked when using traditional methods of progress volume reporting.  

When combined with VisionLink’s asset and fleet management capabilities, 3D Project Monitoring provides senior executives, fleet managers, operations managers, project managers, site supervisors, field crews and other project stakeholders with key information that allows them to make decisions quickly and improve operational effectiveness.  

Enabling contractors to track earthworks and compaction progress remotely, the new VisionLink construction software gives them the information in one place to make faster decisions, lower operating costs, reduce project risk and increase productivity.  

Facilitating 2-way data transfer between the office and the work site, VisionLink allows design information to be shared with Trimble’s Business Center - HCE data management and preparation software and the machine control system, ensuring the same data is being used by stakeholders on the project in a single workflow, reducing costly errors and re-work.  

Highlights of VisionLink construction software version 2.3:  

  • Uses Trimble SNM940 Connected Site Gateway to transmit information between the office and the machine 
  • Precise location and production data from the earthworks machine or compactor is sent from the machine to VisionLink in the office 
  • Design data and machine configuration files are sent from the office to the machine 
  • Two-way data transfer eliminates the time needed to drive information between locations 
  • SNM940 can also be used to receive GPS correction information for high-accuracy positioning with Trimble’s GPS-based machine control systems 
  • Reduces the need for additional GPS and radio communications infrastructure on the construction site, increasing operating range and operational flexibility   
  • Project Monitoring functionality gives contractors insight into the overall project progress 
  • Combined with Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System, reduces the time and cost of survey work through collection and wireless transfer of as-compacted surface data 
  • 3D Project Monitoring monitors the productivity of earthworks machines such as dozers, graders, scrapers, excavators and compactors equipped with Trimble machine control technology     
VisionLink construction software and the Trimble SNM940 Connected Site Gateway are available now through Trimble’s worldwide SITECH Technology Dealer channel and the Heavy and Highway Construction distribution channel. 

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