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Trimble unveils next-generation Work Management software solution

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Trimble Australia announces the release of its next-generation Work Management solution, part of Trimble’s integrated suite of field service management solutions that also includes Fleet Management and Driver Safety.

A cloud-based software that enhances the productivity of mobile workforces through intelligent scheduling tools and state-of-the-art performance analytics, Work Management provides field services businesses with the resources they need to manage their mobile operations. 

Tom Scahill, ANZ Business Area Director of Trimble’s Field Service Management Division explains that field service organisations are constantly striving to be more efficient in managing their mobile workers. The next-generation Work Management solution, with its enhanced analytics and dispatch and task management capabilities helps organisations increase field productivity and flexibility to ultimately transform the way work is planned, allocated, managed, reported and evaluated. This can lead to lower operating costs, increased efficiencies and improved customer service - three key challenges in field service.

The next-generation Trimble Work Management solution is available in two packages: 

Performance Insight includes Performance Management Analytics, a suite of dashboards and reports that show key metrics such as quality of service, efficiency and utilisation of workers to deliver in-depth analysis and easily identify key trends and areas for improvement. 

Performance Optimise includes Performance Management Analytics coupled with Scheduling and Optimisation, a dynamic set of tools to plan, monitor and manage the execution of the workday in real-time to fully utilise the workforce.

The depth of Trimble’s next-generation Work Management solution raises workforce management to a new level. Performance Management Analytics provide visibility into factors impeding greater efficiency and productivity. 

In addition, Work Management Scheduling and Optimisation offers an advanced toolset that automatically identifies and updates a mobile worker’s preferences, and then allocates the appropriate task to that worker. The Intelligent Advisor tool evaluates and displays the impact of assigning a job to a particular field worker in terms of overtime, tasks affected and travel time.

According to Scahill, the Work Management solution can be integral to the success of any service-based organisation with a mobile workforce as they can deliver higher levels of service excellence by gaining real-time insight into what is happening in the field 

Trimble’s next-generation Work Management solution places the right information in the hands of the users when and where it is needed to enable accurate decision-making about the daily functions of the operation.

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