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Trimble introduce version 11 of GCS900 Grade Control System

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Trimble, represented by Trimble Australia , have introduced version 11 of their Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System. The Trimble Grade Control System portfolio is a complete, scalable and modular 2D and 3D product line available to the heavy and highway contractor.

The GCS900 version 11 can enable higher machine utilisation through expanded machine mix and configurations allowing contractors to be even more productive and complete projects faster and more efficiently.

The announcement was made at the 2009 Trimble Dimensions User Conference.

Trimble Grade Control Systems are adaptable to almost any application and environmental condition on the job, allowing contractors to work faster and smarter—especially important in tough economic times where projects are fewer and bids are more competitive.

Version 11 features expanded machine mix and system configurations, including new system options for excavators, support for towed scrapers and enhancements for dozers and motor graders.

For excavators, the new Single GPS option provides an additional price point for contractors to adopt 3D grade control.

Additionally for excavators, the option to use the SPSx30 Universal Total Station allows contractors to operate in areas with limited or no GPS coverage, for example in tunnels, pits and around trees. The Universal Total Station based configuration is portable between dozers, motor graders and excavators.

For towed scrapers, GCS900 v11 now automates the raising and lowering of the scraper bowl to speed up operation and reduce operator fatigue.

For dozers, dynamic blade rotation, and for both dozers and motor graders dynamic blade roll, allow operators to get the job done faster and more accurately without the operational constraints of having to maintain a straight or vertical blade to maintain accurate guidance.

The Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System features a single control box interface for all configurations. The in-cab software has a number of enhancements that result in improving overall site wide productivity.

Additionally the software is available in 26 languages and now includes translation to support the use of local labour in more countries such as Afrikaans, Estonian, Hindi, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian and Slovakian.

The GCS900 version 11 is ideal for both new and existing users of the Trimble Grade Control Systems portfolio, allowing both to realise a higher and more rapid return on their investment.

For new users, Single GPS for excavators provides an economical point of entry into 3D grade control. For existing users, the expanded machine mix and configurations allow utilisation of key components on more machines and for more applications. The addition of blade rotation and blade roll provides for increased operational flexibility.

Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System version 11 is available now through Trimble’s worldwide Heavy and Highway Construction distribution channel.

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