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Trimble GCS900 grade control systems offers improved efficiency for trimmer machines

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Trimble Australia has announced that the latest version of its Trimble GCS900 grade control systems now support trimmer machines often used in new road construction projects. Highway contractors can utilise key Trimble machine control components on more machines and for more applications, allowing both new and existing users to realize a high and rapid return on their investment in technology.

The Trimble SPS series grade control systems are ideal for either high accuracy work or operating in areas with limited or no GPS coverage, for example in tunnels, under overpasses, in pits and around trees. Using GCS900, contractors can now port their machine control system components between dozers, graders, excavators, soil compactors, trimmers, paving and milling machines.

Benefits of using grade control systems include:

  • The new configuration for trimmers also allows contractors to implement total station-based machine control technology across more machines in their fleet
  • Trimble GCS900 grade control systems now provide increased efficiency on subsurface grading using trimmer machines
  • Often used in place of motor graders, trimmer machines perform bulk earthworks and fine grading of surface material in preparation for compaction and paving of new surface concrete or asphalt roads
  • Using Trimble GCS900 grade control systems on a trimmer, a heavy and highway contractor can realise significant material savings and increased new road smoothness during the ensuing paving operation
  • Automatically controlling the drum cutting depth to design grade means the contractor is less likely to overcut existing surface and less likely to require additional costly asphalt or concrete material in the re-paving process
  • Automatic control of the cutting implement and auto-guidance of the machine to a road alignment can also improve the operator experience, reduce operator fatigue over long runs, and can dramatically increase the quality of the graded surface
  • Controlling the cutting depth with the grade control systems can also reduce the number of passes required of the trimmer, the need for additional grading or re-trimming work, and wear on the trimmer machine and blade
  • More efficient use of the trimmer allows the machine to be moved to the next site more quickly to save time and reduce cost

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