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article image The Trimble M3 Total Station is extremely user-friendly.

TRIMBLE has released five surveying products as part of its new Connected Survey Site model - the GX 3D Laser Scanner, the R8 system with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) capabilities, the M3 Total Station, the R3 GPS System and the S6 Total Station with GPS search.

The new positioning products add greater flexibility and versatility to provide seamless and streamlined workflow for all of the critical phases of surveying.

"Each of our new products is an important part of Trimble's Connected Survey Site model, which empowers surveyors with ultimate flexibility and connectivity while on the job," said general manager for Trimble's Survey Division, Jürgen Kliem.

"The Trimble survey product portfolio is a complete, compatible set of tools built with the latest positioning technologies designed to seamlessly streamline and automate the surveyor's workflow.

“The Connected Survey Site provides the surveyor with total flexibility to choose just the right tools for each survey task. From robotic and mechanical total stations to real-time kinematic GPS systems and 3D laser scanning to precise leveling systems, everything a surveyor needs for any project is available from a single source."

Trimble's Connected Survey Site model creates powerful working relationships among all Trimble products, technologies and services including support, infrastructure and partnerships.

Taking Integrated Surveying to the next level, the Connected Survey Site enables surveyors to choose from a broad range of options including surveying techniques, communications channels and facilitating services such as GPS infrastructure in one fully integrated and interoperable surveying solution.

Surveyors benefit from complete data compatibility with all Trimble field and office software.

As the first 3D laser scanner to offer a true surveying workflow, the new Trimble GX scanner ‘thinks like a surveyor’ with features that include flexible power supply options, station setup and a surveying data collector.

The scanner's surveying workflow provides significant benefits such as faster and fewer setups, easy portability, smooth interaction with other surveying systems such as optical and GPS instruments and a quick learning curve for fast productivity and return on investment.

The Trimble GX scanner suits both surveying and typical scanning applications. The scanner can save significant human resource costs on many traditional surveying jobs. Real-time autofocus collects highly precise data in a short time - a 360° servo-driven system scans indoors and outdoors up to 200m.

For jobs requiring less detail but longer range, Trimble's OverScan technology increases data acquisition capability up to 350m, which allows fewer setups for shorter survey times as well as the ability to scan larger objects.

The Trimble GX scanner is supported by Trimble's PointScape and PocketScape field software and in the office by Trimble RealWorks Survey software for processing and analysis of point cloud data.

Powered by enhancements to Trimble R-Track technology, the new Trimble R8 GNSS system now supports both the new L2C and coming L5 GPS Modernisation signals. When transmitted, these new signals will be capable of providing surveying professionals with real field benefits.

The Trimble R8 GNSS system includes a new RTK engine which is optimised to provide top performance with the new signals.

With the world's satellite systems in constant development, surveying businesses can be confident that investment in a Trimble GNSS system is protected.

From the powerful Trimble field software to the receiver itself, the Trimble R8 GNSS system's overall design has been tried, tested, and proven.

As a rover it is rugged, lightweight and cable free for superior ergonomics in the field. As a base it is flexible and also cable free.

The Trimble R8 GNSS system's flexible communication options include - an internal receive/transmit 450MHz radio option and an internal GSM/GPRS option for Internet connectivity.

The new Trimble M3 Total Station is an extremely rugged and accurate mechanical instrument built to handle the toughest surveying applications. Focusing direct reflect (DR) technology enables a single surveyor to make long-distance, reflectorless measurements quickly and safely with confidence that the intended target is what is actually being measured.

An optimal plummet in the alidade expedites setup and ensures the highest accuracy possible at both 3" and 5" accuracy. The long-lasting battery offers two workdays of typical measurement activities and a large internal memory stores several days of data collection.

Extremely user-friendly, the Trimble M3's easy-to-learn software and workflow enables users to quickly attain optimal productivity.

The new Trimble R3 GPS System integrates an L1 survey-grade receiver with the popular Trimble Recon Controller, a proven, ultra-rugged PDA. The system includes field and office software to provide a complete solution to bring precise, sub-centimeter control to survey operations, establish new localised control and collect topographic data. Users can perform Static, FastStatic and Kinematic surveys on short to moderate baselines quickly and easily.

The Trimble Recon Controller runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC operating system along with the Trimble Digital Fieldbook software. With familiar software options, menus and terminology, even new users can achieve maximum productivity in a short time.

In addition, the new Trimble Business Centre Office software is a sophisticated, user friendly solution for postprocessing, analysis, and adjustment of L1 GPS survey data.

The Trimble S6 with GPS Search includes the new GPS-aided search capability, which means the surveyor can locate and lock onto targets even faster. By using a simple, consumer-grade GPS receiver connected to the field survey software at the robotic rover, the system provides fast, confident search and lock on the robotic rover.

This combination of GPS and optical technologies results in greater speed and productivity for the surveyor using Trimble systems. This rapid search capability is available with the Trimble Field User Interfaces.

The Trimble GX 3D Scanner is currently available from Trimble's survey dealer network. The Trimble M3 Mechanical Total Station and Trimble R3 GPS System are expected to begin shipping in November and the Trimble R8 GPS system with GNSS support is expected to be available in December through Trimble's survey dealer network. GPS Search capability is already shipping in Trimble Survey Pro (GeoLock) and is expected to be available in an upcoming release of Trimble Survey Controller software.

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