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Survey software offers tools for 3D point-cloud data editing and viewing

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article image Uses the point-cloud data set provided by advanced 3D laser scanners.

TRIMBLE has released a new version of RealWorks Survey software for surveyors and engineers. It uses the point-cloud data set provided by 3D laser scanners. The software incorporates tools and features for civil survey, building, heritage, forensic and other applications, allowing surveyors to produce 2D and 3D information for direct output or export to AutoCAD or MicroStation software design packages.

Trimble RealWorks Survey software version 5.0 provides the user with tools for processing 3D point clouds and 2D images. Trimble RealWorks Survey is complemented by RealWorks Survey Lite, a compact version that allows surveyors to offer enhanced deliverables in both 2D and 3D format. Clients may then visualise, manipulate, print or partially edit.

The EasyProfile feature is a first step to automatic recognition generation of 2D/3D drawings. It allows almost direct export into major CAD packages, including AutoCAD and MicroStation. This feature uses a pre-positioned profile (fitted to a cross-section of the point cloud) to track through the point cloud. Feature lines are then automatically extracted according to break-points in the guide profile.

Large database management allows users to subdivide large projects into data subsets in a variety of ways, making 3D point clouds and 2D image processing easier and quicker.

Inspection tools include twin-surface inspection, surface-to-model inspection and surface-to-curve inspection. These tools allow users to perform CAD 5 to point cloud comparisons.

Possible inspection tasks include generating and visualising inspection maps using the customisable colour bar, obtaining graphic visualisations of gaps and deformations, importing profiles and geometric primitives in .dxf or .dwg, and exporting graphic files in .dxf.

A multi-orthoprojection tool allows users to create aligned multiple ortho-images on successive facades of a building. Users can either create or import drawings and extrude the segments corresponding to the facade walls along the Z-axis to define the successive projection planes. Users can choose to preview each ortho-image and create them individually or simultaneously. The final results can be exported to a DXF file with references to each ortho-image exported as geo-TIFF file.

Profile Fitter allows internally generated or imported profiles to be interactively positioned relative to the point cloud.

RealWorks Survey version 5.0 enhances volume calculations, regardless of the point-cloud density. Volume calculations can be calculated either between a scanned surface and a user-defined plane or between two scanned surfaces, with the user defining the grid density.

A free point cloud data viewer, RealWorks Viewer, is available for download from http://www.trimble.com/realworks.shtml. RealWorks Viewer is a utility that allows final clients, colleagues and partners to visualise deliverables in 3D without requiring any additional work or conversion.

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