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Site and road construction contractors save time and reduce costs with Trimble Business Center – HCE software

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Trimble Australia announces the availability of a new version of its heavy and highway construction office software for data management, data preparation and materials quantities take-off.  

Version 2.50 of Business Center – HCE earthworks optimisation and productivity tools powered by Trimble features new road take-off, data preparation and earthworks planning functionality including a new Corridor Mass Haul module.  

Designed to optimise earthmoving operations and automate data management to save time and reduce costs for site and road construction contractors, the construction software will additionally help estimators realise increased efficiencies when importing Adobe PDF vector files or CAD cross-section files.  

The new version of Business Center – HCE gives contractors complete visibility of their earthworks operations while providing the ability to plan ‘what if’ scenarios and delivering a drilldown to specific volume and cost information before breaking ground on the project.  

The automation of previously manual processes can provide increased productivity gains, more accurate data, and time and cost savings for site and road contractors at every stage of the construction process.  

Highlights of Business Center – HCE Version 2.50:  

  • New Corridor Mass Haul module combines corridor design with a haul route network, barriers to haulage, borrow pit and waste site locations 
  • Intelligently analyses the project to determine the optimum and most cost-effective earthmoving process 
  • Traditional mass haul diagrams and mass haul earthworks reports show computed haulage routes, lengths and all associated costs 
  • New Corridor Mass Haul module enables better planning, bidding and execution for contractors 
  • Helps save time and reduce costs in all phases of the construction lifecycle 
  • New productivity tools increase the accuracy and speed of construction take-off with automated vector data extraction and import of diverse source data types 
  • Users can accurately place and automate line work extraction from Adobe PDF vector files containing both plan and cross-section data 
  • Automated Adobe PDF file extraction makes data more usable 
  • CAD cross-sections can be imported and converted into accurate 3D models quickly 
  • Supports GEOPAK XS-List Report (XSR) files for contractors working on DOT highway projects     
Business Center – HCE version 2.50 is available now through Trimble’s Heavy and Highway Construction distribution and SITECH dealer networks. 

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