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Self-levelling laser pointers

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TRIMBLE has released the Spectra Precision Laser LP20 and LP40 self-levelling laser pointers.

They are designed to handle a wide range of interior construction applications as well as many exterior applications. The dual-beam LP20 projects one beam up and one beam down up to 30m. It is suitable for one-person plumb point transfer. A self-levelling mechanism ensures that positioning is accurate.

The LP40 is also self-levelling and projects four beams up to 30m. One beam points up while another points down to create a plumb-up and plumb-down reference. The other two beams are offset at 90º to each other, pointing out horizontally to create level and square reference points.

The LP40-1 is a special package version of the LP40. It adds a complete set of universal mounting accessories in a carrying case.

The units are powered by four AA batteries. They can survive a drop of up to 1m onto concrete and have IP54 moisture sealing and built-in over-moulding, making them suitable for daily jobsite conditions. The units attach to the user's belt with a pouch. No setup or levelling time is required.

They can be used anywhere that a carpenter's level or plumb bob would normally be used. Applications include ceiling and drywall installation, framing of doors and windows, counter tops, cabinets, leveling, plumb, squaring and layout. The bright beam is suitable for any level of lighting, from dim to bright.

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