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Rugged data collector and field software solution from Trimble

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Spectra Precision has launched Spectra Precision Nomad data collector running its new Field Surveyor 2.0 field software for its Focus 10 Total Stations and Epoch 25 GPS Systems.

The rugged data collector and new field software solution provides increased functionality for surveying applications including topographic data collection, staking and layout, boundary and cadastre, and comprehensive COGO and roading routines.

“The introduction of the new Spectra Precision Field Surveyor 2.0 field software in combination with the new Nomad data collector is another significant step providing comprehensive solutions to meet our customer’s needs,” said Frank Dorenkamp, business area manager for the Spectra Precision brand.

“The feature rich field software offers significantly increased functionality over previous software versions for a wide range of surveying applications.”

The Nomad is a powerful and advanced data collector. The Nomad comes standard with an 806 MHz processor, 128 MB of memory and integrated Bluetooth technology. In addition, it includes an integrated navigation grade Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and 802.11g (WiFi).

With the Spectra Precision Nomad data collector, surveyors can take advantage of the Nomad's Secure Digital (SDIO) slots and USB host and client to add more devices such as SD memory cards. In addition to its standard built-in features and optional configurations, the Nomad data collector offers top-of-the-line performance with a 5200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, 1 GB of Flash storage and a daylight-visible full-VGA touch screen display.

The battery provides surveyors with 15 hours or more of active use without a recharge. The Nomad's full-VGA display is sharp and clear in sunlight, presenting maps and other graphic-intensive files in better detail than a typical QVGA display. It also comes with Windows Mobile 6, a new version of Microsoft's operating system for mobile devices.

The Nomad series meets the MIL-STD-810F standard for drops, vibration and temperature extremes. It also comes with an IP67 rating, which means it is completely sealed against dust and can survive immersion in up to a meter of water. Weighing just 595 grams, the Nomad is shaped to fit comfortably in a user's hand.

Both the new Nomad and existing Spectra Precision Recon data collectors run the new full-featured Spectra Precision Field Surveyor 2.0 field software. The software provides increased functionality for surveying activities in either a standard or advanced option.

Standard application features built specifically for a wide range of surveying needs include topographic point, feature and description data collection, staking of points, lines, curves and spirals, coordinate geometry in-field calculations such as areas, intersections and inverses. Advanced optional features include digital terrain models, support for digital levelling, and a powerful roading package for staking alignments and cross sections.

Spectra Precision Epoch 25 GPS System

The Epoch 25 GPS System provides surveyors with a rugged multi-purpose modular system. The Epoch 25 GPS System provides fast, reliable initialisations resulting in high-quality RTK and Static results.

Designed especially for tough surveying conditions, the compact and lightweight Epoch 25 GPS System handles extreme temperatures, dirt and water. Back at the office, surveyors can utilise the user friendly Spectra Precision Office Software for post processing and quality control.

This multipurpose surveying tool has been designed to meet the everyday needs of surveyors. The Epoch 25 GPS System includes a Spectra Precision EPOCH 25 L1/L2 GPS base receiver; a Spectra Precision Epoch 25 L1/L2 GPS rover including internal radio modem and battery. Application field software is designed to meet the survey applications specific to a geographical region, operating on either the Recon or the Nomad data collector.

Spectra Precision Focus 10 Total Station series

Spectra Precision's Focus 10 Total Station series features optical total stations that are fast, reliable and accurate. Focus 10 Total Station series is a series of servomotor-driven total station models with three angle accuracies.

Servomotor, Autolock or Robotic models are available, each with 1.5", 3" or 5" accuracy options. With the Autolock option, surveyors can focus on information being displayed. Autolock tracking technology eliminates the need to look through the telescope and no fine adjustments are needed to pin point the prism.

The robotic Focus 10 Total Station series provides wireless communication between the rod and the instrument. This drives and manages measurements completely at the rod. With a Focus 10 Robotic Total Station, optical surveys can be performed with only one operator, again controlled by either the Recon or the Nomad data collector.

The Nomad data collector and Field Surveyor 2.0 field software is available from Trimble .

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