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article image Highly integrated servos and angle sensors increase speed and accuracy.

TRIMBLE has released the S6 Total Station cable-free surveying instrument. MagDrive servo technology gives the unit highly integrated servos and angle sensors to increase speed and accuracy. It silently turns the instrument at speeds of more than 100º/s to provide smooth coontrol for precision pointing.

The Trimble S6 also features SurePoint accuracy assurance for consistent and reliable positioning accuracy. SurePoint automatically corrects pointing and measurements in difficult conditions, guarding against the sinking, vibration and handling that can affect an instrument after setup.

MultiTrack technology combines passive prism tracking with active Target ID to provide flexibility and performance. It will lock and track a variety of conventional prisms to ranges over 500m and allows the instrument to be used in a range of surveying tasks. With the active Target ID option, users will find and lock to the correct target. Surveyors can use multiple prisms on a site and lock onto the one they need, saving time by eliminating false target locks.

The Trimble S6 also has Direct Reflex (DR) technology, which allows measurement without a prism to over 300m. It provides safe, accurate and fast measurements of hard-to-reach or unsafe targets.

The station’s lithium-ion internal smart battery provides six hours of operating time in robotic mode and allows users to easily check how much power each battery holds. The multi-battery holder contains three batteries, eliminating the need to change or recharge batteries in the middle of a job.

It also has a detachable controller. The CU controller is powered by Windows CE.Net, providing a bright, full-colour touchscreen display, large and secure data storage with 256 MB of onboard memory, and a choice of Trimble’s field application software. As part of Trimble’s Integrated Surveying system the controller also supports Trimble GPS surveying solutions.

The station is available in three configurations – Servo, Autolock and Robotic. It is upgradeable as business needs change.

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