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TRIMBLE has released two new grade laser transmitters, the GL742 and GL762. They extend the capabilities of the Spectra Precision Laser GL700 series for grade control and general construction.

The Spectra Precision Laser GL742 is a laser transmitter for multi-purpose machine control and general construction applications. It offers a two way remote, plus a Y axis grade range of 0% to 110%. The GL742 is designed to provide highly accurate steep slope grading. Applications include sea or retaining walls, dam embankments, environmental or waste dump sites, parking garages, and other extreme slope settings.

The GL762 also adds a high accuracy model to the GL700 Series. The GL762 is engineered for sites that need high accuracy and precision over long distances. Typical applications include airport paving, longer-range roads and large concrete construction sites. The product also is expected to be of interest to specialty contractors working on golf courses, racetracks, playing fields, parking lots, gas stations, landscaping, animal husbandry, and large public works projects.

Both transmitters feature long-range wireless radio remote control, designed to allow the operator to remotely change grade up to a 230m radius from within the cab. Users can also change grade without a ladder and automatically align any side of any grade axis up to ±40°. Functioning via wireless remote control eliminates the need for a second worker to manually change the settings.

Both models feature automatic axis alignment that is designed to provide alignment of either side of any grade axis to the desired remote point. The operating range is up to 150mm from the transmitter.

The grade match mode is designed to automatically match and display the grade. To achieve this, the receiver should be set at the same height as the transmitter. Then, after pressing the button on the wireless remote, the transmitter is designed to automatically match and display the grade, without having to return to the laser transmitter.

PlaneLok has been developed for applications requiring maximum stability and accuracy. The feature is engineered to eliminate beam drift by locking the laser beam to a fixed elevation. Once locked, the remote control and the laser beam maintain the exact elevation all day regardless of environmental changes.

The GL742 and GL762 also feature an optical design intended to extend accuracy to almost one mile. Both models incorporate automatic temperature and grade compensation.

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