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TRIMBLE has introduced the Spectra Precision Laser HV301, an affordable interior and general construction laser capable of withstanding harsh conditions in a variety of applications and job sites.

The automatic, self-levelling HV301 is versatile and features a highly visible beam. Designed for use by virtually any general contractor for levelling, alignment or plumb transfer, the HV301 is easy to set up and use, with intuitive controls and "one-touch" commands.

The HV301 transmitter sends a continuous, self-levelled 360° laser reference over a large work area, up to a 300m diameter. It can withstand a drop of up to 1m to a hard surface. The HV301 is also water and dust-resistant and meets IP54 standards, allowing it to maintain accuracy in dirty and moist environments, even in rain.

The HV301 is also able to handling a variety of horizontal, vertical and plumb applications in both interior and exterior projects.

Its high-visibility beam enables the HV301 to simultaneously take rotating and plumb/perpendicular references. The beam is easy to see in any conditions, even brightly lit interiors. One touch turns the unit on and it begins to level automatically. The user may then set the unit to the desired height and be ready to work in under two minutes.

The HV301 also offers flexible power management. It can operate for up to 40hrs on a set of alkaline batteries or on Ni-Cad batteries. The HV301's recharge port allows the laser to be charged in the case or operated from an ac current on a wall mount or tripod.

The HV301 is available in three configurations, one for interior applications, one for general construction applications, and a combo kit for both interior and exterior applications.

Typical interior applications include acoustical ceiling installation, drywall installation, squaring/layout and interior finishing work. Outdoor general construction applications include residential and medium-sized commercial construction, levelling, and vertical alignment. It can be used anywhere an automatic level is used.

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