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Laser-based grade control system for excavators

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TRIMBLE has introduced the GCS600 Grade Control System for excavators.

Designed for excavation, trenching, grading and profile work, the Trimble GCS600 is ideal for earthmoving, site preparation and general contractors looking for a flexible, economical and easy-to-use grade control system to improve their productivity and profitability.

The Trimble GCS600 Grade Control System for excavators is an entry-level product designed for the owner-operator or contractor in the earthmoving, general construction, site preparation and excavating markets.

The GCS600 can be used for a wide range of applications, including excavation of basements, foundations and footers, flat bottom and simple slope trenching, flat, simple slope and embankment grading, and the profile excavation of canals or side slope.

The GCS600 on an excavator gives contractors the control they need for excavating elevation and slope.

The system is designed for the contractor who is looking for a flexible grade control solution for elevation and slope applications.

The Trimble GCS600 on excavators is very easy to install, set up and use on excavators with standard buckets or tilt buckets, and offers many productivity and site safety-enhancing features.

The cost-efficient system is also designed for maximum performance and payback. Not only does the Trimble GCS600 help the contractor control elevation, but this product allows them to maximise operator and machine efficiency resulting in a quick return on investment.

Features include:

* Depth to target and working slope display - the system displays required depth and working slope, reducing manpower, improving material yield, and speeding completion time.

* Dynamic benching - the unique laser-catcher feature allows dynamic benching with the laser without returning to the initial benchmark.

This lets the operator work across a greater area and slope distance without returning to the laser transmitter each time the machine moves location.

* Articulated boom and tilt bucket support - by simply adding the Trimble AS300 angle sensor, operators can use the Trimble GCS600 on excavators with articulated booms or tilt buckets to maximise the excavators full capabilities.

* Upgradeability - the GCS600 is part of Trimbles’ next-generation Grade Control System family.

The backbone of the system is built on the Controller Area Network (CAN) industry-standard interface. This makes it very fast and easy to install the components, which include the Trimble LC300 combination laser receiver and angle sensor; the Trimble AS300 boom, stick and bucket angle sensor and the Trimble AS310 dual axis platform tilt sensor.

The CAN harness also lets the contractor easily upgrade to the Trimble GCS900 3D Grade Control System using dual GPS for excavators when the need arises.

Using the Trimble GCS600 gives contractors a display system that indicates depth and slope, or a combination of both. The operator can control and carry out desired depth or slope without stakes or a grade checker using a laser with a grade rod and laser receiver.

This capability significantly reduces the costs and downtime associated with staking or the grade checker, and also increases site safety by eliminating the need for a person to be present near the operating excavator.

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14/03/2012 - Depending on the type of work you are doing, the best solution would be our new GCSFlex machine control system for excavators.

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