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Enhanced Trimble FX 3D Laser Scanner from Trimble Australia

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Trimble  specialises in positioning technology solutions that find application in surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety as well as mapping requirements.  

The company has announced an enhanced version of the Trimble FX 3D laser scanner designed for applications requiring high accuracy and high quality data in industrial plant applications.  

The enhancements extend the range of the Trimble FX to capture high resolution position information up to 80 meters.  

Key benefits of the enhancements include:

  • Increased range to ensure more data can be captured from each setup
  • Reduced field time
  • Flexibility of use in a variety of applications
  • New compact design and durable housing Increased portability and flexibility when operating in confined industrial environments 

“With the enhancements to the Trimble FX and our broad portfolio of 3D laser scanners, Trimble is able to offer a range of solutions that address the various application needs for the industrial plant environment,”  said Patricia Boothe, business director for Trimble's Power, Process and Plant Division.  

Trimble FX 3D Laser Scanner in Plant Lifecycle Management  

Plant lifecycle management demands a clear understanding of the location and condition of the plant’s assets.   

The Trimble FX 3D laser scanning system is suitable for a range of industrial plant positioning applications such as: 

  • Capturing existing condition data for accurate project planning for basic and detailed design
  • Ensuring dimensions of high tolerance fabricated parts prior to transportation and installation
  • Verifying as-built construction for quality assurance and additional detailed design
  • Visualising real world conditions for training and simulation
  • Monitoring plant assets and potential movement or deformation during use
  • Planning retrofit construction projects based upon high accurate data

About Trimble’s Power, Process and Plant Division  

Trimble’s Power, Process and Plant Division specialises in a range of positioning solutions to transform the plant lifecycle work process across design, construction, ongoing operation and maintenance.  

Trimble’s 3D laser scanning hardware and software provides increased productivity by delivering fast, accurate data with minimal impact to plant operations or project timelines.  

Rework is reduced with the availability of highly accurate existing condition data  

Worker safety is enhanced through the fast acquisition of data in the industrial plant environment.   

Trimble’s solutions find application in the oil and gas, power generation as well as manufacturing domains.

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