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article image The Trimble CB430 in-cab graphic display.

TRIMBLE has introduced a new version of its 3D Grade Control System. The enhanced Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System is designed to provide contractors with increased flexibility and ease-of-use.

The enhanced Trimble GCS900 expands both Trimble's bulk earthworks and finished grading solutions for contractors.

New features in Version 10 include the ATS Construction Total Station configuration for dozers, the Single GPS configuration for dozers, and the new Auto Side Shift option for motor grader blades.

Additionally, the new graphical Trimble CB430 in-cab display demonstrates Trimble's continued commitment to developing easy-to-use, highly flexible productivity solutions.

Using the Trimble GCS900 lets contractors use a common platform across their entire fleet for all phases of earthmoving. This capability can significantly improve productivity-from mass excavation to finished grading.

Two new dozer configurations: ATS Construction Total Station and Single GPS

The updated Trimble GCS900 offers contractors two additional dozer configurations - the option to use the ATS Construction Total Station and the option to use single GPS.

The Trimble GCS900 on a dozer with the ATS Construction Total Station is designed for contractors who need the flexibility to move from site to site frequently, work in confined spaces, or perform high-precision grading with their dozer.

The ATS allows contractors who operate independently or frequently move between projects to move both the dozer and the GCS900 Grade Control System from site to site quickly and easily.

For jobs where GPS is not a viable technology, such as in urban canyons, heavily treed areas, or on job sites with numerous overhead obstructions such as overpasses, the ATS offers a 3D grading solution.

The ATS Construction Total Station provides grade control to ±10mm (±0.03 feet), making it ideal for high-precision work.

The Trimble GCS900 on a dozer with Single GPS is ideal for contractors who require a cost-effective, 3D grade control solution for site preparation and bulk earthworks.

The Single GPS option is easily upgradeable to the GCS900 for dozers Dual GPS or ATS systems as economic or jobsite requirements change.

The Single GPS system is ideal for larger site projects and long-term, multi-phase projects.

The GCS900 on a dozer with Single GPS provides grade control to ±30mm (±0.1 feet).

When used with the Trimble GCS900 laser augmentation option, the single GPS solution for dozers can also be used for high-precision grade control.

New Auto Side Shift option for grader blades

Auto Side Shift is a new add-on option that controls blade slide shift for the GCS900 system.

The option is ideal for grading linear sections such as curbs, centerlines, and other alignments.

It controls the side shift of the grader blade, automatically following the selected alignment.

The Auto Side Shift option maximises alignment accuracy, especially around curves and reduces operator fatigue by eliminating the need to manually control the blade.

The results are higher accuracy grade control along alignments, improved operator awareness and increased grader operational safety.

New Trimble CB430 graphical display

The new Trimble CB430 in-cab graphical display meets the needs of today's earthmoving contractor.

Designed to the most extreme industry standards, the CB430 features a large, daylight-readable display, with dimmer control for either day or night operation, and a simple user interface for easy operation.

The Trimble CB430 offers significantly more processing speed for faster screen redraw, larger design files and improved software performance.

An internal power supply backup preserves data integrity in the event of sudden external power loss on the machine.

A new, easy-to-use mounting system allows even greater placement options in the machine cab.

The new mounting system also allows easy display removal for added security or moving between machine systems.

Digital design files are transferred to and from the Trimble CB430 via the environmentally sealed data card slot using an industry-standard data card or wirelessly from the site office.

The software on the Trimble CB430 can be configured on-the-fly for operation in the following 15 different languages: American English, British English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Finish, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

The Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System Version 10.0 is available now from Trimble's Construction Division dealer network.

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