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Trilogiq releases Vision Lean Manufacturing book

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Building on the success of its first book LeanTek, Trilogiq’s new book Vision Lean is an invaluable resource for companies transforming to Lean Manufacturing. Whether you are just starting the transformation or are well underway, the Vision Lean book and Trilogiq can help.

Ever since 1992, Trilogiq has been advising and supporting manufacturing companies committed to Lean Manufacturing. LeanTek delivers the ideal way to implement this method effectively in every manufacturing environment. Inherently innovative and subject to continual development, LeanTek incorporates all the experience and requirements of its users.

Many companies in Australia and worldwide are changing to lean production systems. Trilogiq’s Vision Lean book gives many practical examples of lean implementation and the results that can be achieved. The benefits of setting up lean manufacturing are beneficial in industrial, commercial and financial terms.

Financial benefits:

  • Reduction of circulating assets (stocks and in-process materials): reduction of capital used, increase in cash-in-hand, improved return on investment.
  • Work on productivity and profitability: improving the bottom line by reducing production costs.

Industrial benefits:

  • Less investment for same level of production
  • Increased production at constant investment
  • Ecological production, more compact plants
  • Improved quality

Commercial benefits:

  • Production in phase with customer demand, reduction of delivery times, greater customer satisfaction.

To support the transition to lean, Trilogiq have produced 2 books:

  • Trilogiq LeanTek Catalogue – Over 200 pages of Lean information, photos, examples of lean applications and information on the Trilogiq LeanTek products.
  • Vision Lean – Trilogiq’s new book continues the lean journey.

In this book Trilogiq looks at:

  • Lean manufacturing overview
  • Lean manufacturing vs traditional manufacturing
  • How to identify and reduce the 7 Muda’s (Wastes)
  • How to focus on value – Changing the production system
  • How lean materials handling systems can further reduce Muda

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