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Trilogiq Australia’s large range of flow racks are an ideal way to introduce flow into a manufacturing plant.

Trilogiq’s  LeanTek system has been described as a big meccano set. The Leantek system consists of tubes, joints, connections, fittings, roller tracks and accessories. Flow racks, workstations, trolleys and carts can be built, adjusted and modified by simply using an Allen key and hack saw.

By using Trilogiq flow racks in a manufacturing plant, large savings can be made by:

* Shortening the production line. A production line that is too long means more personnel, more work in progress, longer task execution times and higher logistics costs. Using the LeanTek system, the lineside can be optimised to reduce these costs and also gain space.

* Reducing defects. This is achieved by providing parts flow to the lineside in appropriate sized containers. 

* Reducing unnecessary movement. LeanTek’s modular architecture allows workstations and flow racks to be configured, so that components are close to hand and ergonomically positioned.

* Remove waiting time. Trilogiq flow racks provide FIFO (first in, first out) flow of parts to the lineside. Stocks can be replenished regularly rather than waiting for a forklift to replenish an empty pallet or large bin. 

* Reduce cost of transport. The Leantek system is also used for large supermarket storage areas. The large Trilogiq flow racks store higher volumes of parts near the lineside. This promotes more regular, smaller deliveries to the line side flow racks. The Leantek system is also used to make towable carts, reducing expensive forklift usage. 

* Reuse and re-cycle. Rather than welding up a flow rack for a specific purpose, only to have it end up in the graveyard when obsolete, the Leantek system is designed to be re-used over and over as your requirements change. A flow racks components and tubes could be used to build a different flow rack, a trolley, a cart, a workstation or any other structure required. 

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