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Trilogiq Work Stations and Assembly Benches available

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The days of the traditional table-as-a-workstation in the factory are over, due to the introduction of Trilogiq Australia’s custom designed ergonomic workstations and assembly benches.

One engineer commented that the old style welded workstation took about 6 weeks from concept, through design, quotation, purchasing, manufacture to delivery. Now with the Leantek components, it can built in just days, or one can be ordered from Trilogiq and have it within a week.

LeanTek work station applications address the Muda (Waste) created by unnecessary movement. By bringing components and accessories within the immediate reach of operators, LeanTek workstations optimise actions and movements, leaving operators free to focus on the creation of value.

Workstations can be customised to include:

  • Custom size work surfaces and bench tops.
  • Integrated flow racks, shelves for parts to flow into the cell.
  • Overhead mounting for monorail and trolleys for tools / balancers.
  • Lights mounted above the assembly station.
  • Bins feeding into and out of the cell.
  • Tilting work tops.
  • Adjustable height work surfaces.
  • Storage systems and drawers can be integrated

The Trilogiq work station is constructed from Trilogiq’s Lean Tek modular components and results in a workstation that is easy to adjust and modify. Kaizen (Continuous improvement) activity is encouraged as operators refine their own assembly station, removing wasted time and steps as they progress. This operator customisation promotes a feeling of achievement and ownership over their area and also reduces TAKT time.

A Victorian manufacturer recently introduced a series of Trilogiq’s custom designed workstations. The work cell layout was modified with parts flowing into each assembly station. The product now flows smoothly throughout the operation. The Victorian manufacturer reported that they will achieve an increase of at least 20% productivity just by changing the cell and introducing the Trilogiq customised work stations.

Trilogiq’s LeanTek system consists of tubes, joints, connections, fittings, roller tracks and accessories. Flow racks, workstations, trolleys and carts can be built, adjusted and modified by simply using an Allen key and hack saw.

Trilogiq Australia can provide customised solutions for materials flow in any manufacturing plant.

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