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Trilogiq Australia’s Carton Live Storage Modules improve warehouse logistics

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The static pallet storage racking can be converted into carton live storage (CLS) with the help of LeanTek Under Pallet Flow Racks.

A traditional pallet rack bay limits access to four pallets of product. By adding Trilogiq Australia ’s Carton Live Storage modules, the same space can provide access to 10 to 30 products. This increases product density and reduces the walking required for picking operations.

The features of Carton Live Storage Modules include:

  • Reduces the cost of storage thereby increasing the product density under each pallet bay
  • First In First Out (FIFO) flow of products that ensure stock turnover
  • Quick to install which can be done by simply wheeling into the required pallet bay
  • Saves space thereby reduces the required area for order picking operations
  • Decreases pallet handling
  • Flexible and can be mounted on castors for quick easy relocation
  • Improved flexibility thereby lane widths can be adjusted in seconds for product changes
  • Improved ergonomics thereby boxes can be presented tiled on an angle or staggered for easier picking
  • Strong riveted roller system ensures rollers do not ‘pop out’
  • Versatile thereby suits various widths and weights of cardboard boxes, plastic trays, moulded bins and products can even be run directly on rollers
Trilogiq Australia’s Under pallet flow rack modules are a simple and flexible way to add Carton Flow to existing pallet racks.

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