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Trilogiq Australia install LeanTek tools to reduce waste at workstations

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Improved productivity can be achieved even on a long line. It is possible by compressing spaces through LeanTek and creating productivity cells with high added value, separated by empty spaces. Compression of work spaces is a natural means of reducing mudas. Compression of work spaces increases the level of added value for an identical surface area. Trilogiq Australia can install LeanTek tools to reduce mudas or waste at work station by compressing spaces.

Following are the stages of the transformation:

  • Single-product dedicated line, ‘mass production’
  • Space not used for added value
  • Excessive space occupied by large containers or oversized racks
  • Muda of inventory and transport
  • Single-product lean manufacturing line with LeanTek

If the customers cannot shorten the line because heavy plant (robots) take up pre-defined locations, customers can still increase the productivity by increasing the level of added value at each step of the work. The objective here is to create compact work stations and clear totally empty spaces. The achieved result is, the spaces are empty and nothing is happening there and there are no more mudas.

The penalising mudas are dealt with and spaces are clearly released in case new diversity is introduced. This operation is carried out with LeanTek on Hoshin sites. The result is a concentration of added value at each work station and the creation of free spaces that do not generate mudas. The flexibility of the LeanTek tool makes lean manufacturing easier to install, and sustains the Kaizen continual improvement process, which would be impossible with an inflexible system.

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