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Roller tracks from Trilogiq Australia

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Roller tracks are designed to cope with weight and impact. These components are most often used for flow rack and supermarket applications, but they are also required to ensure the downward flow of components with minimum gradient and maximum smoothness, whilst offering inherent strength and compact size.

LeanTek roller tracks respond to these requirements by offering some exclusive features: 

  • Large diameter roller  (34 to 44 mm) : These rollers are reinforced for added impact resistance, and their large diameter makes for smoother rotation.
  • Rollers individually riveted into their tracks: this delivers incomparable durability. The 3.6 mm spindle is big enough to absorb impact and bear considerable weight.
  • Density: The RR-400 is exceptional in more ways than one: it features 28 rollers per meter, with just 1 mm between rollers.These characteristics ensure remarkably regular descent, thus enabling shallower gradients and saving space.

LeanTek roller tracks are available from Trilogiq Australia .

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