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Multifunction connectors available from Trilogiq Australia

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The LeanTek product range is built around three simple principles: strength, multi-functionality and durability.

The F-M range of connectors, available from Trilogiq Australia, is all about multi-functionality. The profile common to all F-M connectors forms the basis on which to mount all the roller tracks, lowering guides and flat-edged tubes in the LeanTek range.

The LeanTek system is fully modular. F-M components are coated with an attractive, white anti-corrosion zinc finish that ensures durability.

Multifunction connectors are available with the following features:

  • Standard connector for supply or guides (no endstop)
  • Standard connector for picking with low endstop (20mm)
  • Connection for picking with high endstop (30 mm)
  • Bridge with tube junction
  • Direct bridge without tube junction
  • Intermediate supports
  • Tube-tube or guide connection
  • Tube-tube connection with low endstop (20mm)
  • Tube-tube connection with high endstop (30mm)
  • Standard bridge for tubes
  • Bridge for RR-400 and TC-200/tubes and SP-400
  • Tangential intermediate support

Multifunction connectors – Flex range:

  • Flexible bridge
  • Flexible bridge for R-R and T-C/Tubes and S-P
  • Flexible bridge for tubes
  • Roller connector
  • Rotating multifunction connector
  • Plate support 
  • Delivery connector without endstop (33mm)
  • Delivery connector with low endstop (20mm)

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