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LeanTek workstation applications address the Muda created by unnecessary movement. By bringing components and accessories within the immediate reach of operators, LeanTek workstations optimize actions and movements, leaving operators free to focus on the creation of value.

LeanTek makes it easy to create hybrid systems, like a combined flow rack and workstation for front picking. This system makes it possible for a single structure to incorporate dynamic component delivery functions with those of an ergonomic workspace. In accordance with Kaizen principles, standard concepts form the basis for working towards a new standard that improves upon the old.

An integrated flow rack and work centre in the automotive industry. This combined design delivers significant gains in terms of time and materials. Large amounts of space are rapidly saved, which means the production density can be increased.

This concentration of different functions in one optimized space reduces the Muda created by unnecessary movement. Very simple workstations can act as intermediate zones between operations: LeanTek structures are ideal for cooling hot-application self-adhesive labels and providing post-press cooling.

The Lean Manufacturing method recommends that production lines are laid out in a U- configuration so the component entry and exit points are close to each other, thus reducing the Muda created by waiting, transport and overproduction. U-shaped lines remain optimized when they incorporate front picking.

LeanTek workstations are available from Trilogiq Australia.

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