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LeanTek’s special modular flow racks

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Customization is the essence of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. LeanTek’s special modular flow racks are produced as a direct response to users’ individual needs. Everything is configurable: length, width, height, structure, etc. The ergonomics and optional fittings are designed specifically for you, using all our expertise.  

Lean Manufacturing requires the elimination of all large line-side containers as an essential precondition to the installation of any Lean process.  

The advantage of small containers is their light weight, which enables continuous flow and lower transport costs.      

Combined with the space gained, the installation of small boxes line-side system opens the way to higher productivity through increased production density.  

Production density is defined as production volume per unit area. The simple and visually attractive structure of the LeanTek system facilitates acceptance of the process by all those involved. The old mass-storage structures are replaced by a customized ergonomic tubular line-side system.  

LeanTek optimizes existing lines by making it possible to use spare space.  

LeanTek modular flow racks transform previously unused space into value creation zones, which can then be optimized to increase user satisfaction. This process of optimizing workplace ergonomics and expanding creative options gradually transforms the line-side into a “Kaizen” area.  

The initial stage of LeanTek modular flow racks installation is the standard work as defined by  Kaizen: Identical racks that form the basis of working towards the continuous improvement cycle.   Movement is easier and the workstation becomes increasingly friendly and customized. Rebalancing is easier.   LeanTek modular flow racks therefore pave the way for the subsequent introduction of Takt-Time and JIT.  

Technical departments will help you design the right modular flow rack for you.  

But technical definition goes a lot further than simply deciding on the size of rack, because LeanTek offers you many other choices, such as loading area, number and type of roller tracks, size and position of Label holder strips, rapid adjustment, type of guidance, front picking ergonomics… there is no limit to LeanTek modularity.  

Ecology. As Trilogiq is well-aware, environmental issues are becoming increasingly important in all industries.  

Lean Tek modular flow racks offer a real and practical response to the challenges posed by industrial ecology: Lean Tek applications are recyclable and can be dismantled for re-use, thus meeting key environmental criteria: less steel used, less investment required and more ecology.  

By replacing heavy old equipment with new lightweight Lean Tek structures, you are making your contribution to reducing polluting emissions, because our products use no paint, no solvents and fewer chemicals.  

Lean-manufacturing is inherently ecological, because it requires fewer resources to produce a given volume of production. The Lean modular flow rack system imposes much less of an environmental burden than traditional production methods.  

Simplicity: LeanTek modular flow racks use assembly concepts that everyone can understand.  

This means that less assembly training is required, and personnel can soon produce robust and durable applications by following a few simple rules.

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