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Computer-aided prototype design from Trilogiq Australia

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LeanTek systems are designed using CAD systems of Trilogiq TechCenters. Every application can be modelled to test and validate load points.

The Trilogiq CAD system can create photo-realistic 3D images of application before it becomes a reality. Users can then examine that application from every angle in 3D motion and visualise it in its working environment. Trilogiq CAD centres also design and develop new LeanTek products.

Trilogiq Australia ’s computerised design and simulation system transforms this informal concept into 2D plans and then into a 3D model. This is then used to validate the feasibility, loading constraints and practicality of the design. At this stage, users have a clear view of what is possible.

The Trilogiq image simulator can create one or more picture-realism images of the virtual application before it exists in reality. This simulation allows users to fine tune their design by adding details such as the environment in which it will work or the colours they prefer.

Users can also view the virtual model of the application from every possible angle in order to check every aspect in a way that is not possible with 2D technical plans.

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