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Emergency lighting with compact fluorescents

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article image The PC CFL Combo emergency lighting unit.

THE new PC CFL Combo product series from TridonicAtco provides a single-component solution for emergency lighting using compact fluorescent lamps.

This one-piece unit combines the technology of TridonicAtco's high frequency electronic ballasts with an emergency lighting inverter, thereby making separately wired remote boxes with ballast, inverter and batteries a thing of the past.

With PC CFL Combo, TridonicAtco combines the benefits of high frequency electronic ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps with emergency lighting technology, in a single housing. As a result, the wiring and installation of emergency luminaires is simplified.

In addition, lighting manufacturers can look to miniaturise the design of their products and integrate the components for emergency lighting in luminaires without any of the complications associated with past solutions.

The electrical connection of ballast and emergency invertors within a single housing makes the PC CFL Combo far easier to handle when compared to conventional emergency wired circuits using multiple components.

Combining two units into one means fewer components in the luminaire with minimal interference to the wiring of the luminaire.

This improves the already high level of reliability of the TridonicAtco devices even further - a property that is of paramount importance especially for emergency lighting.

The PC CFL Combo emergency lighting unit comes with discharge and reverse voltage protection as standard. During emergency lighting operation, the cathode heating is continuously in operation, which extends the life of the lamp and guarantees constant luminous flux.

The modules come in two designs for one-hour operation and three-hour operation. Both types of device are characterised by their maintenance-friendly design and can be operated using NiCd batteries.

TridonicAtco's diverse range of PC CFL Combo models - single-lamp from 10W to 57W and twin-lamp from 2 x 10W to 2 x 42W - is suitable for use with standard compact fluorescent lamps.

So easy handling and a high level of reliability in emergency lighting are guaranteed.

With the PC CFL Combo emergency lighting units for compact fluorescent lamps and the PC Linear Combo type series for linear fluorescent lamps, TridonicAtco can now cover every conceivable emergency lighting application.

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