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Westpac’s new headquarters is impressive in so many ways, including its exceptional functionality. The lighting management system is no exception with a large DALI-controlled lighting system providing high levels of comfort, flexibility and energy efficiency.

Founded in 1817 as the Bank of New South Wales Westpac was recently presented with the Best of Best for Service Excellence Award 2005/06, and employs around 27,000 people in Australia, New Zealand and other locations throughout the world.

A building for the future

Westpac Place in Sydney, located between Kent, Erskine, Napoleon and Sussex Streets, is the headquarters of the Westpac Banking Corporation.

The 35-storey high-rise building was designed by architects Johnson Pilton Walker, and the tenancy fitout interior design architects were Geyer Design and Hassell. The developer was Leighton Properties and it was constructed by Leighton Contractors.

Westpac Place provides breathtaking views of the Sydney’s financial and commercial centre and of Darling Harbour. Westpac Place comprises two glass towers and a three-storey podium building which attracts attention for its spectacular inclined north-facing glass façade. The huge real time atmospheric barometer on the roof, which can be seen for miles around, is another eye-catching feature of the building.

The bank completed its move into the complex in September 2006. With a floor plate of over 74,000 m2 it houses over 5,000 Westpac employees. As the sole tenant the bank has also been able to stamp its own identity on the building. The central stairway for example gives a sense of connection and flow as part of the interior architecture of the building; it also provides visual height which is unusual for the interior of a multi-storey building.

Obviously, good lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere or motivating mood is important for establishing a good business climate. A high value was therefore placed on producing a well thought-out lighting concept that would not only meet the defined requirements of users, such as individual control of specific luminaires or luminaire groups, but would also score on energy efficiency. It was also important however to maintain a balance between functionality and aesthetics. What was needed to bring all these criteria in harmony and to minimise investment and operating costs was an intelligent lighting management system that could be linked to the building systems technology.

A decision for the future

The firm responsible for the engineering of the base building and the tenancy fitout electrical services is Webb Australia Group, the renowned electrical engineering and specialist lighting consultants. Webb’s team, led by Fred Bowers, was involved in the design, documentation and commissioning of the electrical services including communications and security for the whole facility.

Webb’s senior lighting engineer responsible for the base building and tenancy fitout lighting design, Vessi Ivanova, followed the essential parameters for energy efficient buildings and the specific requirements for micro-management of light fittings that was required by the client. The possible solution to meet these requirements was a DALI-based lighting control system.

However, despite the typical DALI restriction of 64 addresses per line, a total of 35,000 luminaire had to be linked together in an intelligent arrangement. The wimnDIM@net lighting management software from TridonicAtco is ideal for such jobs because of its simplicity and functionality. Additional criteria were the ease with which the system could be started up, the level of technical support during installation and operation and the amount of training offered.

The winmDIM@net system was installed and parameterised by Complete Technology Integrations (CTI), the Australian systems partner of TridonicAtco. By having two independent lighting management systems, each with its own server and Ethernet connection, one for the Westpac offices and one for the communal area, the lighting system can be operated in line with specific requirements. For example, the lighting for the areas such as break out areas, meeting areas, training floors, client floors etc has been designed for maximum flexibility and different lighting moods so they can be used for a variety of purposes. The lighting for the areas such as common corridors and other workfloor areas has been designed more for reducing operating costs to a minimum.

A total of 286 DALI lines were installed. On each storey the lighting is linked to a higher-ranking control system via a DALI/Ethernet gateway so that all the operation and monitoring functions for the lighting system can be handled centrally.

winDIM@net is also networked with the audio-visual system. DALI relays are used to control louvre blinds and video screens and to call up dimming illumination values or lighting scenes that have been preprogrammed for different tasks such as presentations or conferences.

High-class lighting management

The winDIM@net lighting management system enables the many benefits of DALI functionality to be used for central supervision (control, monitoring and evaluation). Central monitoring with winDIM@net is particularly useful for large building complexes such as Westpac Place. All the status information can be retrieved from the control gear, such as lamp failures, current dimming values and failure of hardware components. This simplifies maintenance work.

winDIM@net software ensures that all the various DALI-based equipment from TridonicAtco operates together. In all, there are 20,500 dimmable PCA EXCEL one4all, PCA ECO and PC PRO fixed output ECGs. In addition, there are 8,000 TE one4all electronic transformers for low-voltage halogen lamps, numerous DALI relays and other controllers from the broad TridonicAtco portfolio.

Energy efficiency guaranteed

The winDIM@net lighting management system offers more than just the convenience of lighting moods and impressive flexibility it offers the basis for the energy-efficient operation of the lighting system. To ensure that the prescribed illuminance values are achieved even as the lamps come to the end of their lives the lamps are operated initially at a dimming value of around 75 %. In line with the maintenance factors the dimming values are increased over time so that the offices are always lit at the same level. This intelligent adjustment of illuminance values can save up to 18 % of energy costs.

Additional energy savings are achieved by dimming the lighting system at the end of the working day. The illuminance level is selected to ensure adequate safety and security in the rooms and corridors.

The owners, tenants and facility managers are impressed by the numerous benefits of the winDIM@net lighting management system and the individually addressable luminaires. These benefits include flexibility, simple scalability, and configuration, individual control, logging of the energy consumption, fault feedback messages and therefore ease of troubleshooting. All this not only means greater reliability but also lower maintenance costs and lower operating costs.


The glass tower at the top of Westpac Place is lit with white light and eight contrasting red bars (slots). The active barometer system shows changes in atmospheric pressure by means of variable lighting of the LED red bars (or slots) on the north and south façades. Each LED slot represents a change in air pressure of 5 hPa, ranging from 990 hPa to 1025 hPa.

Behind each barometer slot are 624 red 1 W LEDs with broad and medium-beam reflectors, giving a viewing angle of 40°. A sensor is used to measure the amount of natural daylight and the winDIM@net lighting management system uses this value to control the interior lighting of the glass box and the LED columns.

Westpac Place is characterised by complexity reduced to its essentials. The winDIM@net lighting management system and the intelligent control gear from TridonicAtco make an impressive contribution to the success of this DALI solution.

Digital addressable lighting is available from TridonicAtco.

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