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Electronic Components from Tri Components

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Tri Components , started in 1968 deals with supplying of Electronic components like capacitors, diodes, inductors and oscillators. The following companies supply their products to Tri Components Coilcraft, Leader Tech, Rhombus, Valpey fisher, Morgan Matroc, Tusonix, Voltage Multipliers, Jennings.

The Coilcraft catalog consists of power magnetics and inductors, chip inductors, toroids, chokes, wide band transformers, EMI filters, air chores and kits. The leader tech products include tin plated steel lids and fences, EMI, FRI and EMC shielding products. Berylium copper shielding is also available from leader tech.

Tri Components is also the distributor of the following Valpey fisher products oven controlled and high reliability oscillators, crystals, temperature compensated crystal oscillators and voltage controlled oscillators.

Inductors, coils, delay lines, audio transformers and transformers for communication are provided by Rhombus Industries. Tusonix mainly deals with EMI/RFI electronic components. The products from Tusonix include filter pins, mount filters, filter terminal blocks, disc ceramic capacitors, single plates, coaxial broadband filters and customized designs.

Morgan Matroc supplies monolithic, ceramic and disc capacitors while Jennings Technology provides relays, interrupters, capacitors, coaxial relays, vacuum contractors and switching matrices.

Voltage Multipliers design and manufacture chips, diodes, high voltage power supplies, hybrid, multiplier and rectifier assemblies.

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