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Coilcraft Coupled Power Inductors - LPD4012 Series available from Tri Components

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article image The SEPIC (Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converter) topology

Reduce the size of your SEPIC converters with these new 1.1mm high coupled inductors Our tiny LPD4012 inductors give you several advantages in SEPIC applications.

They replace 2 larger discrete parts and cut the required inductance in half while allowing lower DCR and higher current handling.   

The LPD4012 series of coupled miniature shielded inductors are only 1.1 mm high and 4 mm square. The excellent coupling coefficient (k>0.94) makes it ideal for use in SEPIC applications. In SEPIC topologies, the required inductance for each winding in a coupled inductor is half the value needed for  two separate inductors, allowing selection of a part with a lower DCR and higher current handling.  

These inductors provide high efficiency and excellant current handling in a rugged, low cost part.   They can also be used as a coupled inductor, two single inductors connected in parallel, as a 1:1 transformer or as an autotransformer when connected in series.  

The SEPIC (Single-Ended Primarty Inductance Converter) topology is used in applications that require characteristics of both a buck and a boost regulator,specifically the ability to step up and step down the input voltage. Most often operated in CCM (Continuous Conduction Mode), SEPIC provides a non-inverted output voltage.  

Typically, SEPIC is used in battery operated systems and automotive applications. In these applications, the battery input voltage, or bus line voltage, maybe greater or less than that of the desired output voltage, depending on the charge state of the battery.

The SEPIC topology can operate over more of the battery discharge cycles because of the ability to regulate the output voltage over a wider input voltage range, including above and below the output voltage.  

The LPD4012 series Inductors are available from Tri Components, the agent for Coilcraft

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