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Supply chain management and PCB assembly offered by Tresmine

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Apart from the designing and engineering services, Tresmine also offers prototypes. Fast turn around is also provided for the prototypes. The new ‘Product Introduction Team’ from Tresmine turns concepts to reality. This is then continued to finally give rise to production.

Supply chain management is also an area of expertise of Tresmine. This company has also tailored various information management systems. Tresmine has developed strategies for major suppliers. This minimises the exposure of customers to inventories. Tresmine also eliminates the risk of parts from unapproved suppliers.

PCB assembly is yet another service offered by Tresmine. From the first batch the PCB assembly is engineered to deliver high yields. High quality equipment is used by Tresmine which gives a wider process window. Greater effort is also placed on planning. Tresmine has on going production for the entire range of SMT devices including 0402 chip components. The soldering process in Tresmine is Nitrogen based. This also contributed to the reliability of the products.

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