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Electronic manufacturing services from Tresmine

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Tresmine  are providers of Electronics manufacturing services and provides services in five main sectors of electronics equipment including business, retail and computers, communications, government and military, industrial, medical and controls, consumer and automotive.

Tresmine is specialised in offering customers with manufacturing solution. The engineering and design services offered by Tresmine include electronics design houses. Tresmine also offers prototypes which are available in various types. The MRP and new product introduction team created by Tresmine turns the concept into reality and continue the production process.

Supply chain management services are also offered by Tresmine which are suited to various environments. Tresmine is also involved in developing strategies with help of major suppliers. The quality of the inventory management is also measured by the supply chain management services.

The PCB assembly process is involved in offering ongoing production of entire range of SMT devices and 0402 chip components. The PCB soldering processes carried out by Tresmine is nitrogen based. Tresmine also help in assembling printed circuit boards and manufactures finished products.

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