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igus lubricant-free, maintenance-free plastic bearings available from Treotham Trading

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There is hardly a vehicle around today that does not have plastic plain bearings in place of metallic, plain and rolling bearings.

The spectrum ranges from simple seating system applications to mechanical applications under a high thermal load in the engine compartment, in gear boxes or in the exhaust systems of modern diesel engines, for example.

Available in Australia through Treotham Trading , igus lubricant-free and maintenance-free plastic bearings reduce weight, extend service life and lead to expected cost savings of up to 70%.

For example, users can replace needle bearings by plastic bushes in the engine compartment. The same is true for applications in brakes, steering, engine compartments and many other important areas on vehicles.

Pedal mechanisms: no rattling noises

One new development from igus, and ideal for pedal mechanisms, is a pre-stressed bearing bush with axial and radial tolerance compensation of up to 0.3mm. Insensitive to edge loads, the noiseless bearing iglidur JVFM Preload is suitable for high static loads. Rattling noises are avoided, and rough tolerated and low-weight pipes or even fibre-filled plastic shafts can be used.

New – tolerance compensation bearing

Another new development is the tolerance compensation bearing iglidur Easy Fit. The plastic bearing helps wherever rough tolerances of the housing bore have to be separated from the fit of the interior diameter. Traditional plain bearings always pass tolerances on to the interior diameter. Easy Fit compensates housing tolerances of up to +/-0.2mm.

Double flanged bush: straightforward assembly

With the new iglidur MKM igus is presenting a double flanged bush that is straightforward to mount, wear-resistant and can absorb high axial forces on both sides. The self-lubricating plastic plain bearing is used in car doors, multi-joint hinges and bonnets, among other automotive applications.

New energy chain for sliding doors

In the area of energy supply chains, igus has developed the new universal energy chain E1, especially for the automotive industry. Completely pre-harnessed, the chain guarantees the power supply to sliding doors in vans and SUVs, even when they are open. Further application areas in cars include the safe step part under the foot mat or the seat adjustment feature. The new energy supply chain is quickly installed with pre-fitted pushbuttons.

Swiveling test benches, friction coefficient measurement

In the past year, igus tested more than 120 plastic compounds and carried out around 5,000 trials in in-house laboratories. Since 2001, igus has been able to offer engineers and technical designers, the possibility of calculating the service life of the bearings (plastic compounds on the basis of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics), using an expert system on CD or online on the Internet.

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