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Triflex R 3D Energy Robot Chain available from Treotham

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Treotham  offers the Triflex R robot accessory package from igus comprising of over 200 components to cover every industrial application from large welding to small palletising robots.

Developed for robot producers and users, igus offers the 3D energy robot chain, Triflex R in three designs.

The closed design protects the cables on rough applications such as welding spatters, chips and dirt. In the ‘Easy’ version, the cables are simply pressed into the chain by hand. The third is the ‘Light’ version.

Guiding cables around difficult geometries

The modular construction allows the multi-dimensional, movable robot chain to have its length adjusted at any time. It achieves its high tensile strength using the ball and socket joint.

The individual elements are connected to each other using a simple trailer tow bar connection. The ball and socket design ensures mobility in every direction.

Allowing a turn of +/- 10° per link in the chain enables the cables to be guided easily around difficult geometries.

No tangles, no stress with cables

Triflex R energy robot chain offers a defined freedom of movement in all three dimensions. The bending radius is the same in every direction, which also reduces stress on the chain itself as well as the cables and hoses.

The use of spring-rod modules generates a directed pre-tension, making it possible to create a system where the chain is suspended and doesn’t get caught up in the working area.

igus also offers a ‘Triflex RS’ set specially for robot applications with limited installation space. This design guides the energy robot chain parallel to the robot arm to save space.

These energy robot chains can be mounted directly on all attachment points on the robot. Other products in the range include protectors, quick attachment systems and attachment modules for nearly any robot.

Easily accessible cables

The Easy range allows the cables and hoses that are simply pressed into the energy chain, to be easily visible and accessible from the outside. This makes it possible to replace individual cables or the entire hose/cable package quickly if required.

This solution shortens the time needed for maintenance and overhauls while reducing downtime for the robot.

Higher tensile strength

The Easy Triflex R energy chain is now available in size 125 with a pinned connection allowing simple installation and removal of the links in the chain.

The connection of the links of the chain is made using a spherical plain bearing comprising of a spherical cap and locking pin, ensuring form-fitting power transmission.

With the linear tensile force absorption increased to 4,000 N, the energy chain can now compensate for even greater torsion forces.

Additionally, Easy Triflex R energy chains are available with a more improved attachment system that provides up to four times the radius stability. This ensures much higher forces can be absorbed by the robot arm while still protecting the cables.

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